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Paint Stripping

The items are dipped in a warm bath of caustic soda for 45 minutes. Dipped a few times of paint some of the items may need to be dipped few times at a shorter intervals to remove the maximum amount of paint .
Once the dipping process  is completed the items are ready to be washed .

Door Stripping

The Washing Process

We remove the residue of any paint or build up materials with a power wash until the items are fully clean and ready to be delivered back to our customers .

Neutralisation (highly recommended )

We apply the product to neutralise the item for safety purposes and to minimise the smell of caustic soda post dipping.

Drying And Sanding Wooden Doors

Drying and sanding

The items that require  further preparation are dried in a separate room .
Once they are completely dry we start sanding  them down by hand to achieve a smooth surface, ready for the finishing touches .

Complete finish

The items that are fully restored will have a finishing product applied to them.
Our finishing products are wax and oil .This is agreed with our customers depending on the desired shades and colours .

waxing technical

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